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020 3002 2012


Description of Work:  Redecoation of internal and external areas

Job Value: Confidential

Period: Three months

Size: Ground, First and Second floors

Description of Work:  Decoration of LEGO Offices, London

Job Value:  Confidential

Period - Three months

Size: 8th - 11th floors including feature yellow ceiling

Description of work: High quality redecoration works of second and third floor offices.

Description of work: Internal decoration of walls, windows, sills and jointery and external decoration of elevations including downpipes, railings and windows

Description of work: Decoration to second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floor office accommodation.

Description of work: External decoration to 16 storey office building in centre of Southampton

Description of work: High quality phased decoration to three floors of Conference Areas, Meeting Rooms and Offices.

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